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An Online Spelling Contest

Welcome to WordSpell

WordSpell is the first ever online spelling contest open to anyone who wishes to participate from all over the world. It brings to you an opportunity like never before.

Contest will be live ‪on 5th July 2020‬. You can take the quiz between ‪19:00 (IST) to 19:10 (IST)‬. We’ll send you a reminder along with the link ‪on 4th July 2020‬. Results will be declared ‪on 10th July 2020‬.

The quiz includes 20 multiple choice questions. All you need to do is select the maximum correct answers as quickly as possible and be among our top 10 winners to win the cash prizes.

Register now for the easiest and most convenient online spelling quiz ever. Registration Fee is ₹30. The receipt of the payment along with other details will be sent to you on your registered Email ID.

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JULY 2020

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